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New Orleans Survivor

This is the kind of stuff that Orwell wrote about and the now-real-gone W. administration turned into genius art from hell. Let it begone from our new reality!

New Orleans Survivor

This is the same kind of word-hell that English professors despise, George Orwell wrote, and the back to Texas W. administration turned into genius art from hell. Let's have it be real gone from our new glorious reality!


I think the real issue is that he appeared on Flay Throwdown...


my dad first introduced me to pat bruno's column when i was in middle school, sharing his passion for food, when i got to high school and started taking culinary classes, my junior year it was my idea to read mr. bruno's column in our class every friday. and we did, and disected it to help us learn about restaurants as well as just cooking. now that i am in college, i know that they still read his column every friday. i think he is a wonderful writer, and im sure knows more about food than 99% of us ever will.

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