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I love this song. Unfortunately, out of the four times I've seen him, he's only done it once! I guess he abandoned it for newer material.


I love coincidences.

Just heard this new-ish Nine Inch Nails song that sounds weirdly like "Ballad of the Sin Eater" to me. Wanted to point someone to the Ted Leo for independent verification, and your blog showed up on the first page of results in google.

For extra points, your post went up the day after the NIN song (the 'music' folder in my RSS reader hasn't gotten much attention lately).

Anyway, hi!


WOW. I came here for info on sin eaters as I've studied many forms of healing including this named differently. I wanted to gather as much info as I could to send goodness to MCA (adam yauch) and here it's posted "get well soon MCA" Thanks for being there.

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