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I gave matching top-of-the-line Wustof chef's knives exactly once to a happy couple, ignoring the old superstition that knives can never be gifts but must be sold (take a penny in return at least). Particularly nasty divorce there. Knives symbolize severance of ties. PC or no. (That said, I've learned to keep a dime around on birthdays and Christmas in case a cute little Japanese parer turns up.)

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Oh makes me scared,i never knew about that superstitious.


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For me there is nothing wrong with giving knife as gift as ling as the sender has no any intention.



Nothing would say here’s to a successful marriage than a set of non stab knives. I didn’t know that knives were not supposed to be given as gifts; we received three sets for our engagement.
If you received these as a gift, I’d be worried.


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The ideas are great. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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This is something not many people including me nver think about but it's a reality, we need to keep knives out of women hands.

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I don't agree with non-stab knives having anything to do with a foreshadowing of a successful marriage or not. Knives are knives are knives are knives. A gift is a gift.:]


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I agree with the knives blog thanks the post!

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Your post is so comical, but true, lol. Thanks for sharing!

Angela (vsk)

Interesting. I got a set, from my new apartment complex. I think people worry way too much!

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Tend to agree with Bridal Registry, knives are knives and gifts are gifts. However, your post was news to me and made me chuckle.

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I think knives are perfectly acceptable! Afterall, we do need them!

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thanks for the great article!

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I have to say thats deffinalty a different view on the whole occasion.. i'll just stick to the speech

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Haha, where's the fun in a knife if you can't use it to defend yourself against intruders like in the movies?

Inya Kawin

In my country, giving knife as a gift means power. You are well respected.

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Yeah, you're right.*

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