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Marc Shepherd

William Grimes left because he was sick of the job, which seems invariably to happen after about 5–6 years. I don’t see any chance of him coming back, welcome though it would be.


If NYC is the culinary capitol of the planet, then even as the Titanic sinks while the orchestra plays "Jambalaya", the failing-pre-eminent newspaper should have a restaurant critic up to the task, non?

Don Luis

I say bring back Ruth Reichl. I miss ethereal food.


What, no:



to your point, "a staff position at the magazine" could be the equivalent of being sent to the 26th floor of the old Conde Nast building, where old editors went to die. Or at least where they go to live a life where their ideas no longer matter.

I'd love to see someone there who has both a sense of humor and a really good, well-rounded (no pun intended) knowledge of food. The stories the Times' memo heralds him for show that he is more of a feature writer than a critic. My god, these days everyone is a critic. It's all gotten to be too much!

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