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And how convenient that there is no e-mail link on the website.


Thanks JBF for taking my initial gripe to the next level but please, please leave my beloved Durham unsullied. Let it be known that Sugarland is a Chapel Hill enterprise. The address is 140 East Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC. As the website says, "Just steps from UNC" . . .

Lime Spider

(919) 929-2100, 9 am to midnight every day. I'm betting at least 25 calls in the next 24 hours will cause a menu change.

New Orleans Survivor

How about going in, ordering a Katrina, and saying, "I can see what this Katrina is doing for you. Here's what it did to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast of Mississippi," and pouring it over the bartender's head.


Class act, as they say. Maybe we could get Aaron Neville to visit them.

Cupcake Queen

If you take a look, the owner's name is actually Katrina, so maybe it's named after her. You guys really need to chill out.


CQ: The cocktail is billed as "a really awesome Hurricane". Hard to think that the name of the drink merely refers to the baker herself.

The Gurgling Cod

@Cupcake Queen: That's interesting information, but not information that's available anywhere on the site, or, one presumes, to a patron. And it does not change the fundamental problem -- there are a bunch of drinks on the menu, and the one named after the owner happens to be the hurricane? Because it's funny? Or cute? It's still making light of an immense tragedy in an effort to sell cocktails to people who don't know any better. How hard would it be to change the name of the drink?

@NOLA Survior -- better yet, have them try to run the restaurant out of a FEMA trailer in front.

Cupcake Queen

Okay, then how about we boycott every bar that serves a Kamikazee in solidarity with Pearl Harbor survivors, or what about bars that serve B-52's . B52-s dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima you know. It's terrible insensitive to Japanese-Americans to go to places that serve those...I could go on, but this is ridiculous. Don't you have something else to boycott ? And how many cupcakes did you buy on Franklin Street before the boycott ??

The Gurgling Cod

It was a B-29, not a B-52.

If you don't see the difference between what you're doing, and the examples you give, you're not worth arguing with. Kamikazee is a word over the 60 years since Japanese pilots carried out suicide missions to be used in a variety of contexts. Katrina happened not far from you, quite recently, and including people who had to leave their homes and resettle in the vicinity of your cupcake shop. I'm not aware of any Columbine-themed shots, for example. It would be an easy thing for you to fix, but you'd rather come up with irrelevant analogies.

Katrina Ryan

I am the Katrina of which you are speaking. CQ, above I'm guessing is our catering manager or pastry chef, since that is who brought this post to my attention... The Drink, the " Hurricane Katrina" has been around since long before the storm that hit New Orleans in 2005. The first "Hurricane Katrina" hit Mexico in 1967, very shortly after I was born in Texas. My father called me " Hurricane Katrina" frequently , calling me a " force of nature" .

See I was Katrina first

For what it's worth, I lived in New Orleans on English Turn for years, led a local effort to haul two tractor trailer loads of supplies into New Orleans after the 2005 storm, and have had no fewer than 3 separate fundraisers to aid the rebuilding effort.

The Gurgling Cod

I am glad to learn all of this. It's hard, though, to see how any of this would be legible to someone who walked in and was confronted with a menu with a "really awesome hurricane" called "Katrina." I think it's in exceptionally bad taste, but it's a free country, and this fuss has soaked up more time than it warrants.

Katrina Ryan

And those seeking a nonsense reason to be offended will always find one.


Much better to go to Locopops anyway, if you're on Franklin and looking to support a women-owned business: http://www.ilovelocopops.com/


For the record, I think that you're one of the least easily offended people I know. Nickname or no nickname, it would have turned my stomach to serve that drink during or since the more recent Hurricane Katrina. Maybe I'm too sensitive for slinging drinks, though--and don't get me started on cupcakes!!!!

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