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I try to patronize a local bookstore, but they are somewhat specialized. As for indie-cd stores, forget it.


I agree: the future of bookstores is in special markets.

Chuck Ramsey

My last trip to the local, quasi-independent record store began with, "Do you know what you want, 'cause I'm about to close?" As my wife jabbed my ribs, I responded, "Oh, I'll just order it off Amazon, sorry to bother you."


Wait. When you say "orders it from the internet" do you mean from Amazon, or through the distributor? And do you mean new or used books, CDs, records? A shade of distinction, but important moneywise. And I do think one long-term effect of the interthingy, especially in re: commerce, is impatience. I feel it anyway. I still don't understand why I cannot watch any movie I want at any time on my TV.

Oh and, you could just call ahead:

--Hi, uh, do you have that Buttholes album with the song about regret?

--Ah yes, Sweatloaf from 1987's Locust Abortion Technician. That is a good one. We do not have it in stock, but can order it for you. Or you could come in and pick up Nip Drivers on vinyl ... we have that. Also quite good.


@Addison, you can't watch any movie on TV at anytime because Time Warner, Cox and whomever are collecting X$ from your checking account each and every month. Why would they want that to change in your lifetime or mine? But there are peasants at the gates as I write this. So there is hope, given that technology doesn't get in the fucking way.

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