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There was no donut on the menu that, but I are foie gras profiteroles at Le Pigeon in early 2008, and they were delicious. It sounded mildly shocking, but in the event they were balanced, mildly sweet and totally satisfying.

As was our meal in general at Le Pigeon, which I now happily recommend to anyone in terms of food, service, ambience, attitude, you name it.

I'm tethered to the SAN so I don't really qualify as a PDX operative, however.


"that nite", I meant to type. (I'm all Chicago reform spelling, all the time, yo. At least for one word.)


There's a subset (but a substantial one) of the Portland food community that finds the commingling of junk food with high-end ingredients to be sophisticated whimsy.

"Housemade Pop-Tart" with creme fraiche? Been there, done that. Tillamook cheeseburger with a halved Krispy Kreme used as a bun? Yep. More than one place serving cotton candy as dessert.

It's gimmicky spooge, and thank God a lot of restaurateurs seemed to be figuring that out by the time I moved away.

Chuck Ramsey

Is the foie gras jelly doughnut that much different than foie gras with toasted brioche and roasted grapes? Or the foie gras "PB&J" at Blackberry Farms? Whimsy can be good.

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