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I'll agree and disagree. The majority of pop-culture-celebrity-led humanitarian projects are usually three quarters publicity and one quarter substance at best. On the one hand, it's what they know. So yeah, other people built more houses. On the other hand, Brad Pitt and his petite project has brought more publicity to New Orleans than any of the others by a striking margin, which translates into more attention paid, more popular consciousness (and thus more reason for other parties to act therein), more tourist dollars (which go right back into the local economy)... Celebrities and philanthropists are often related but they're distinct. Government fails and someone steps in - philanthropists are the money and the nuts and bolts organizations. Celebrity in its modern incarnation is ridiculous as is, especially in America - but given that it has become what it has become -better for them to headline the issues, to put the necessary spotlight on the place, which is what they are most effective doing, then to go into managing construction projects.

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Problem with Habitat for Humanity homes is that they're notorious for being shoddily constructed.

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