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New Orleans Survivor

Serving canapes to Julia Child at John Kenneth Galbraith's Harvard Graduation party in 1986 (I think) was the catering high light of my life. My first reaction when I, looking at the tray I was holding, came up to Julia Child who was a tall, tall woman, was, much to my chagrin, "What is this THING in front of me!" I was 6'1" at the time and I felt like when I looked forward at her I was staring at her shins.

Then she grabbed one of whatever I was serving, popped it in her mouth, and started talking, and there was the VOICE unlike any other. I almost fell over, walked back into the kitchen, looked at my mom who was running the party and said, "Is Julia Child out there?" She pursed her lips as if I had asked an inane question and said, "Oh yeah. She's here every year." I didn't even know J.C. lived in Cambridge!


1) Also grousing: the all-powerful Nikki Finke. http://www.deadlinehollywooddaily.com/ny-times-inexplicable-hollywood-coverage/

2) How dare you cast aspersions on Dame Meryl?

3) My interest in watching this film, or reading this book: absolute zero.


I for one am enjoying the hot Wellesley (Ephron, '62) on Wellesley (Finke, '75) action.


Excellent postulating on the historical evolutionary aspects. My hope: straight to DVD.


My Life in Fance is quite good. It kind of feels like you are being told a story by your grandmother.

Julie & Julia, however, is not.

Mandy Mastrovita

I really enjoy your ongoing observations on J/J. At the same time, I'm finding myself agitated as I observe the (typical) hostility with which the We Happy Few Crew attacks any collision between their sacred cows and a real mass market. Just to insert a couple of thoughts: If we're about celebrating the notion of bringing French home cooking to the average housewife --the mission of the original MtAoFC-- well, isn't a project like this exactly that embodiment in this day and age? And on misogyny: if we're going to vilify Nora Ephron for her usual star-struck sappiness or Julie Powell for having parlayed a personal crisis-into-a-blog-into-a-book deal-into-a-movie, I think that there should at least be some criticism levied at some nepotizz: he no doubt received the same filthy greenbacks Alex Prud'homme for having feasted at the near-corpse of his dying aunt. Really enjoy your blog.

Mandy Mastrovita

Smoove. Alex Prud'homme no doubt received the same filthy greenbacks for having feasted at the near-corpse of his dying aunt. Really enjoy your blog.

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