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that would be lyrics from Eric Burton's "Paid in Full".

also, the amount of beer needed to fix social issues like this would be counterproductive to the cause - or everyone will pass out several hours into the negotiations and wake up forgetting why they were drinking in the first place. maybe someone can set up a solution while no one else is conscious.


Mandy Mastrovita

Now THAT'S some ballsy street team action. If you are the responsible party, I salute you.



It might be more accurate to say Eric B and Rakim's Paid in Full (7 Minutes of Madness Coldcut remix). I can't source the sample, but have always thought it sounded like Don Pardo. In any case, I will sing the whole thing for you if there's a prize in it :)


(realizing now my prize is learning this use of twig from you! long ago, you taught me ubiquitous and unwieldy, too.)

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