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Damn, Cragie on Main looks great, and worth it. Sometimes I briefly wish our restaurant could operate at that price point, but then I realize I probably would have to stop drinking at work.

Speaking of whole animals, if I recall correctly (and I may not, cf. the drinking thing above), a couple years ago the main distributor of pastured animals in NYC stopped selling individual cuts and went entirely to quarters, halves, whole. I think they invited their restaurants to send chefs up to their facility to learn how to break down the carcasses.

I think I read about this in Meatpaper or Diner Journal (that's the magazine from Williamsburg, not the blog from Manhattan, which has a possessive, right?).

Anyway, as a result, I gather that a lot of the places that serve pastured meat in New York are now using only whole animals. Which is really cool.

Also, there's a neat bit in Farm City about the chef from Eccolo breaking down a whole pig, Italian-style. The book is a good light read.

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