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You are ruining my political ambitions.

legendary hoopsjonesman

guy walks into a near-empty restaurant on game day and asks: do you serve hairless cats? we have enough of a problem with feral cats 'round these parts, and crazed nutbag reps (no not the dude from SC, we have our own) Go Hugh Go! Run for sum-fin'

see, e.g., http://mediamattersaction.org/blog/200909090006

gov. sanford

It's not on the menu, but you can order (game)coq au vin...

Katherine Acheson

did you have to dress him up in that bulldog costume as a punishment? you people have no mercy.

The Gurgling Cod

And the prix-fixe at 5&10? SOCIALISM!

Rick Pickle

LOL up here in Bedbug, NY.

Adam Dees

see this is all wrong because if you come to hugh's other reataurant the 5&10 in five points we actually offer red and black caviar in a georgia collectors cans....

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I did not knew that Hugh Acheson hated America....
why will he hate us??

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A person who lives to hates is only a looser

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Who agrees with me when I say that flag football is a terrible substitute for tackle football? Or for those of you who prefer flag football to tackle football, why?

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