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It also might have something to do with high turnover.

Not that it makes those blurbs any less obnoxious.

How about, I don't want to know nothing about nobody?


Up until late last year, our restaurant had a "credits" line our menu with everyone in the house listed on it. The idea was that everything we do is a team effort, and that it takes a lot of hands -- from the farm to the cooks to the server -- to bring a meal to your table.

In the end, though, I felt (and still feel) we needed to concentrate all our rhetorical effort highlighting what was unique about the food itself, and that detailing the "many hands" involved was confusing our guests. Lots of whom really have only the faintest idea that there's a difference between industrial food and independently farmed food.

So in order to help make it clear why this food is different from most other food that is sold in town or anywhere, I stripped out the credits and the menu now just talks about the farmers, brewers and winemakers.

Which is one data point for you.

I've heard Franny's is great, jealous that you got to sample their wares. I did enjoy a couple delightful glasses of wine there a while back.


there is a tradition of scholarship on the whole thing where labor is elided from the pastoral, right?

That's the essence of the idea of pastoral, no? That labor isn't involved? Beyond that of the necessary shepherds, of course. It's hard to even know where to begin. But yeah, there's a lot of stuff.

Regina Schrambling

Some years ago Scott Campbell of @SQC in NYC was mocked when he added "& crew" after his chef credit on the menu (or some such terminology). No one wants to think about who is really handling what he/she is about to ingest. If patrons did, they would remember Typhoid Mary was a cook and push as hard as they could for universal health care in this country.

Not to rant, or anything.

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