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I read this MeFi thread last fall as it evolved in realtime from unremarkable ElectionFilter chat to "Where Did That Stereotype Come From?" and it was pretty beautiful. Relevant comments begin in earnest here:


I'm guessing they were trying to get Jacory Harris to cross the street and buy some chicken.


I am bonified member of the Church of the Fried Chicken. Churches do it right when it comes to fried chicken.

Ladd Brown

The Zaxby's is in Roanoke, where the 'Canes stayed, not Blacksburg.

Dr. Yinz

Isn't Zaxby's chiefly a Florida-based chain? Maybe that was part of it? Having lived in that chunk of VA, I'm trying to find a non-racist explanation, but kid of flailing.

Then again, sometimes racism comes wrapped in the best of intentions:


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