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the bigger question is how many people actually google for broccoli casserole, yet alone make one.


I thought Sky Full of Bacon did a good job of it too:

Christopher Kimball Is a Smart Businessman… But Cuckoo on Bloggers


The bit where Kimball blows smoke up S.I. Newhouse's ass is particularly rich. One gets the sense that the self-fashioned Vermont gentleman farmer/echt-preppy Deadhead with the sweet South End brownstone fancies himself a latter-day version of "a guy, I thought, who really loves the magazine business. He poured his fortune into his magazine properties and his editors, even when the prospect of return seemed dim. His was a world of philanthropic publishing."

O, the White Man's Burden to repackage copy ad nauseam and sell it again and again to the subscriber savages.

Lauren McKinney

Actually, it's broccoli and CHEESE casserole. A middlebrow dish that refuses to die!!

Rose's Lime

According to SpyFu approximately 3,666 people search Google for "Brocolli Casserole" daily - More than double the number (1,650) that search for "Cook's Illustrated".

Natalie Sztern

cook's.com garners every recipe that floats on the net without regard for quality and if you get further into its pages it repeats them indefinitely...

Cook's Illustrated, on the other hand, is a favorite of mine..but who the heck has time to read anything but the internet any more...

I'm actually afraid of the future when my grandchildren (if) will not know what a 'book' is, nevermind a magazine;

scary, I think but heck I'm an old person (53 but i look 52)

Stihl Farmboss

Love the blog. I run a chainsaw blog and I wish I could write like you! Great post!

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Well, "Brocolli Casserole" is not a usual word, so the number of search is definitely larger.


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If that's not good enough, consider the Tim Allen corollary to Ibsen's famous dictum that if you

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Agreed. Some folks use push/pull, and some of this comes from the "permission markeitng" concept from Seth Godin from about a decade ago. I also agree with you that social media and the ability to have a conversation (like this one) change the game. So maybe we need a new term?

You have some good points, and the best one might be that I prefer to debate less and do more marketing! If you are ever in Boston, look me up and I'll give you a tour of the HubSpot offices and buy you a coffee.

ed hardy

dictum that if you
I'll give you a tour of the HubSpot offices and buy you a coffee.


Christopher Kimball is an asshole

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