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Jay Howard

Dear Sir/Madam: I thought that cupcakes themselves were the target of the ire. Imagine my shock when it turned to be just another canard of the cult of death, which is the inevitable telos of secular humanism. However, you do manage to recover somewhat with the postscript:

"Even when not enlisted in the service of a contemptible ideology, can we all agree that cupcakes ...need a rest?"

only to capsize with a nonessential clause that either shows your position to be hopelessly enfiladed or, as I have faith in you, an in-you-face cautel:

"like bacon items and sleeve tatts"

I am not sure what a sleeve tatt is but I aver that bacon items are to the carnivore as Xylenes are to the juvenile delinquent.

Thanking you in advance,

Jay Howard


Did you, JBF, just say that bacon items needed a rest? Wow. Think progress. Amen.

The Gurgling Cod

@Jay: I like the cut of your jib.
@ Hugh: Not so much bacon per se, (or 5 & 10) as bacon-related items that are supposed to be funny b/c they are bacon-related.

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