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Right on. The "Best Recipe" concept is bad enough, but the way that CI goes about it is even worse.

jack ruby

Is it just me, or is the idea that the world needs "higher minds" to filter the fluff for us, like, soooo 20th century.
I mean, we can vote recipes up or down, like hot or not.

Any reasonable person can be trusted to look at something and say it's crap... or more to the point "that's not my taste".

I can't trust Gourmet or CI to be able to know MY taste, now can I?

The real issue is that the democratization of media requires the user to be responsible for his own decision. I think that's a scary thought for tastemakers.


I trust only men in bowties for my information.


"I also have zero interest in reading the public’s opinion regarding Iran, global warming, or the economy."

Sounds like almost any seat-filler in the Congress, Cabinet, or Oval Office.


Sounds like you really believe that all opinions are equal. That's bullshit. Some are informed, most are not. The fact that you have an opinion and bandwidth doesn't make your opinion valid. Show your bona fides.


My folks are growing some wicked good broccoli this year that would make the best broccoli casserole - the perfect thing to eat, ever.

The Gurgling Cod

@ Bibendum: Bonafides?
@Daniel: Do you have a good recipe?


Nice slapdown.

frontline plus

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