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Peter B
state universities become a sentimental fiction
Please to elaborate? Are they going to close? Has their median education quality level gone down the tubes? Or are you talking primarily about their research mission...in which case, I have to think that different departments are affected in dramatically different ways.

I'm also curious about the extent to which you'd also apply the "turning into a sentimental fiction" label to other institutions, particularly private universities and liberal arts colleges.

An Attendant Lord

I think the Cod refers to the "state" part of the phrase, since state universities all across the country are seeing diminished public funding which leads to an increased need for other sources of money, sources that often have more strings attached. If I'm wrong, the Cod can correct me, but I'm pretty sure that I'm right.

The Gurgling Cod

Yup. The idea of state-funded higher education is basically a myth. Even in-state tuitions are in the teens and twenties.


Big Meat has all of the money in the world to lobby Congress, to influence universities, and to sway public opinion that everything that they say is true and everything representing a contrary opinion is not only false but against progress, the American Way and plentiful, inexpensive meat. Big Meat didn’t play fair over 100 years ago when it was known as the Beef Trust, and it doesn’t play fair today, so there is no reason to cut it any breaks, or listen to any of its pleas or threats on behalf of jobs, the public, or the solvency of the industry - besides, their numbers and their promises never add up. As Upton Sinclair wrote over 100 years ago, “what they wanted from a hog was all the profits that could be got out of him…” The bonus is that Big Meat wants us to pay for all of the external damage they create by making their ground meat.

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