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Rose's Lime

I'm still waiting for the Chris Kimball writes the "Joy of Sex" parody contest. Sad that Dan Radosh doesn't have the time to host this kind of think anymore. Maybe Dan Savage is available.

I imagine a section dedicated to suggestions from readers on clever solutions for tedious bedroom annoyances using saran wrap and hair elastics.

Derrick Schneider

I've been pondering dissing blogs just so that I can get a whole slew of readers. Seriously, that was Kimball's greatest maneuver. It assures that his name and his self-association with extremely well-tested recipes will permeate the food blog writing.

It's AG's antepenultimate graf, by the way, which I note just because I like the word antepenultimate (and its predecessor, preantepenultimate)

The Gurgling Cod

DS- Thank you for pointing out the error in re ultimates. I failed to scroll energetically enough.

But otherwise, if my longstanding issue w/ Kimball is that the joy in eating lies in experiment and improvisation, rather than obsessive efforts to perfect a single dish, the way to challenge that would be to ignore it?


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