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Bridget Callahan

Hot Calves Feet Jelly sounds like the stuff you skim off the pot roast container when its been in the fridge for a week.

Sorbet Trio

Aha, drunkenness of Grantly revealed:

"No— it was not for love of lucre that he wished to be bishop of Barchester. But he certainly did desire to play first fiddle; he did desire to sit in full lawn sleeves amongst the peers of the realm...."


Roasted lemons? What are they smoking at Maxtoke Priory?


PS: Calves feet was how you made gelatin before Knox. So: Lawn sleeves=jello shots.

Rose's Lime

Now I know. When I retire and open a pub, I shall name it "Lawn Sleeves, Cardinal and Pope".


Hey badthings - AWESOME.

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