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So, so sorry to hear this. But that is one lovely tribute to her.


I read this with tears in my eyes. Holly parented indiscriminately and I feel so fortunate to have been guided by her caring touch. I live more open hearted and open homed because of her. I sigh knowing that Titania has rejoined Oberon.


Sorry for your loss, Cod. I have enjoyed your writing very much and will thank your Mom and raise a glass to her fighting spirit tonight.


I will most definitely raise a glass to her. What a beautiful tribute.


Your tribute was beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss, and your family's.

Natalie Sztern

You have my sympathies and my thoughts. It is so hard to lose a parent, especially a mother. It is beautiful that you have honored her with those words.


i am soory to hear that.dont be so sad,your mother would be find in the other world.


I know how hard it is to lose your mother. I don't think it hit me that my mother was gone until I was about to call her to ask about a recipe...
and then realized.

My sincere condolences.


thanks to your mother.
may you and your family find strength and happiness in your memories of her.


sorry, cod. Your work here and as the fesser is a credit to her.

New Orleans Survivor

Lit a candle for her.

As Jim Dickinson said,

"I'm just dead. I'm not gone."


I'm sorry for your loss, Cod.


I'm sorry, gc.


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Bridget Callahan

I'm so sorry.


Very late, but still: very sorry.

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