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Rose's Lime

I love this receipt because it's at once so wholsome and so wrong. "It's just tofu, mushrooms, greens and stock!" "How do you make it?" "Start by slaughtering and roasting a whole pig."

To wit, my question... anybody have any ideas on a source for commercial pork stock? I expect to find it in asian grocery stores but either it's not there or I can't identify it. Market Basket sells Manteca but not stock.

The Gurgling Cod

I don't think there is commercial pork stock, and if there were, it would likely be as bad as commercial beef stock. Sans whole pig, I'd start w/ a bunch of trotters, and pork neck bones, which you could find at the Stop and Shop by the New Balance factory, or 88, boil bones and trotters and skim til there's no more scummy foam, then roast then make stock.


the sound of me drooling.

Rose's Lime

So, it's really a bunt single, steal second and sac fly to wake up on third - an easy soup, once you've put in the hours to make stock. As an inveterate chicken carcass freezer, it galls me to buy meat (even trotters) just to make stock. When I do make bone-in pork, I usually smoke it and have learned first hand that a hickory smoked carcass makes for some funky stock. I think this calls for some bone-in, rind-on pork loin roast!

Amy Lasley

Keep the pork stock recipes coming! We slaughtered 8 pigs on our small farm in Maine this winter and I have enough pork stock to fill a hot tub. Too bad we can't figure out a way to market it!

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