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That shit is cold, Cinetrix. Damn. It's hard out there for a Cod.


It's remarkable, even after trying to make her likable, how much of c*nt Julie Powell seems like. Jeez.

Doctor Yinz

I fail to understand why Streep decided to create a yelping cartoon character version of Julia Child when she could easily have created a realistic portrait that actually sounded like her.

As to Amy Adams, I invoke what I call The Sheryl Crow Principle: my desire to make sweet love to a performer in no way means that they have any talent.

Bridget Callahan

I think Streep's problem is that she understands how beloved she is by the 30yroldgirl/30yroldgay community.


It was a great performance and everyone needs to wise up and stop riding the hate train.

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