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Maybe I'm just in an unnaturally foul mood, but didn't any of that strike you as faintly bogus? Does he hang out at the London outlet enough to know whereof he speaks? (Interesting comment on Cuozzo's dis of London restaurants over on Eater.) Has he actually been there? And if he has, it's one more reason old-stream media is dying: Mid-level editors haunting private clubs.

And don't get me started on "where were the copy editors?" "News media"? "Salmon fishcakes"?

Chowhound's started a good discussion, too.

As I've said before, Britchky can RIP.


When it goes behind the paywall in 2011(?), what will we have lost?


I just read it. I think Sifton is experimenting with new fangled designer drugs. They are not having a good effect upon his stream of consciousness, if one can call it that.


Yeah, I guess it may seem worthwhile.


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