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I'm always inclined to MSF, but their three facilities are unusable.
Partners in Health are apparently very good, and have an undamaged clinic as well:


Sorbet Trio

I gave to Partners in Health, because I read the book about the very-low-overhead organization and its Macarthur-granted founder and he seems monomaniacal in a good way.

Here's an interview.

Now I'm getting on-the-ground email reports:

We received a report from Cate Oswald, one of our staff in Haiti, who traveled through the Central Plateau to Port-au-Prince yesterday with two truckloads of meds and supplies. She described the scene:

"We started seeing destruction from Mt. Cabrit (where big rocks lie in the middle of the road) through Croix de Bouquets where it doesn't seem as bad but lots of walls down. Then the scene gets much, much worse. Tonight, everywhere throughout the city, as we drove by the national plaza, there are thousands of people sleeping outside. While I was in Port-au-Prince, there were still aftershocks being felt. I didn't venture into other parts of the city, but as you all know, koze sa pa jwet menm [Haitian saying literally translated as "this is not a game"]."

The trucks met up with PIH staff, including Dr. Louise Ivers, at the UN's logistics base in Port-au-Prince. Louise was one of two doctors attending at the time, and they had nothing but aspirin until our trucks showed up.


went with the International Medical Corps.
they have an A+ rating from Charitywatch.org and 92% goes to program activities. I don't know. Seemed like a good choice.


meant to put the url:



I gave to Doctors Without Borders who, I have learned, have obtained an inflatable clinic, so they are not totally knocked out of the effort. I would never give to The Red Cross again after what I heard from people in NOLA after the levees disappeared.
PIH and IMC are good too. http://therumpus.net/2010/01/haiti-ways-to-help/


I gave to Partners in Health because I like how they go about giving aid and they have a solid history in the country. (And like Sorbet Trio above, I read Mountains Beyond Mountains and came away with a lot of admiration for PIH's obsessional founder.)

Have heard great things about Doctors Without Borders' work in the area too.

FWIW, I also gave to Oxfam as their focus seems to be more food/water/sanitation and I wanted to balance that with medical aid.


A first-hand account from my sister-in-law, an American who was living in Haiti at the time of the earthquake:


If you know anyone of influence, please consider directing them to her open letter regarding the reconstruction of Haiti, posted 17 January.

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