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Greg Rutter

Because heart attacks are (seemingly) the result of a conscious choice whereas dying of cancer is somewhat random in its effects. A heart attack is funny for the same reason the Darwin Awards are "funny" - you were foolish enough to tempt fate and got what was coming to you.

That being said if there were pictures of people playing in radioactive waste or eating plutonium with a caption that said "this is why you have leukemia" it would be comedy gold.


Greg beat me to it. Spot on.

Though, the people making fun of fat people are likely self-conscious smokers in denial of what the cigs might later cause.


Also, in Kevin Smith movies, the characters smoke Nails brand cigarettes. I've heard friends refer to them as "cancer sticks" when asking for another.

Sorbet Trio

My analysis: Food choices can be arranged along a continuum from tepid water to TIWYF maximalism. You can dabble in eating food that's oooh, a leetle bit naughty, and also mock people who are noticeably elsewhere on the continuum than you are.

There's not really a continuum of cigarettes in the same way; there's a fairly definite divide between smokers and non-smokers, and definite divides are much less amusing to point out because of their lack of nuance.

If stuff like this was more everyday, there might well exist a hilarious This Is Why You're Coughing site.


I agree, food choices can be arranged along a continuum from tepid water to TIWYF maximalism.

Sam Nisbett

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