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Bridget Callahan

Guard it with your life, and use it only on date nights to fry potatoes or make pie crust? I mean, I've never had goose fat, only duck fat, but it's kinda the same thing right? You could be really ghoulish and make fried chicken in it.

debra solomon van culiblog

Pot some other goose in it and save it for a rainy day.

Or make weed butter, substituting goose fat for butter. Then make aforementioned pie crust extra-mellow-like.


This won't address the volume of Goose fat, but try popping popcorn in it. Dust with fleur de Sel.

Debra van Culiblog Solomon

We're a bunch of decadent mofos!

pie crust
fried chicken
weed butter for baking


pommes souffles baby.

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