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Cod, I love your work, and I think everything should be on the table for humor always, even if it hurts people. But if you're gonna argue that some make too heavy with the heart attack humor, I'm not sure it's kosher to close that complaint with a terrorism joke. If you're gonna be senitive about one thing, don't you have to be sensitive to everything?

The Gurgling Cod

That's two ixnay on the aliban-tay comments from folks I trust. I suspect that the asymmetry is b/c my dad died of a heart attack, not in a terrorist attack. My failure to extrapolate suggests I may be running a quart low on empathy these days. Sorry.


I don't see the giant robot Travis Bickle (regardless of his roots in an Afghan cave) as insensitive so much as aching for humanity. But maybe i misread Taxi Driver.

It's OK to be disgusted (offended, even) with what people are willing to profit from. And relaying that via hyperbole is completely normal in my book.


Don't take it personally, I always run low on empathy, but at least I try to be aware of it and drag some up into the light from my moribund selfish self when needed. As for the Valentine's Day whoopla, it's pathetic and can easily drive one to loaded hyperbole or worse.

NFL Draft

uniform temptation,haha, beautiful nurse


even your apologies rock, cod.don't ever change.

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