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While you flambe yourself with (what Grand Marnier?), I will tear each page out of "Mastering The Art of French Cooking", make the 524 recipes and immediately nuke each until it's toast (this may take a while). Then I will do the same with Julie Powell's National Book Award winner, only I will just blowtorch the beast. New Order for theme music.


It was a great -- and nuanced -- performance. She deserves to win the Oscar.

The Gurgling Cod

Carlos -- you know who deserves that Oscar more? Scott Norwood.

Doctor Yinz

FWIW, I revere La Streep, but I ground my teeth through that movie. I've never seen her give such a poor performance, and I fail to see what all the fuss was about.


"inexplicably revered". Ha. Like a lot of baby boomers who were once explicably revered. Robert De Niro anyone?

Jamie M. Forbes

The only thing I know Alec Baldwin for is his annoucing for the New York Philharmonic. I live below Fourteenth Street and cannot afford to eat. JMF

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