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New Orleans Survivor

Once you go through a huge apocalyptic catastrophe and its aftermath, the fact that "you can be next" moves from the back to the front of your mind.

I remember sitting eating free oysters in Le Bon Temps Roule with you and the Cinetrix listening to the man whom Steve Zahn will play and I look at you and say, "Guess who the bass player is?" You didn't know, but I'll never forget the look on your face when I said, "Alex Chilton." When you were done choking on bivalves and Abita in flabbergastedness, I shrugged and continued, "He probably needs the bread."


PDBD works for me. I shun RIP as well; it's Charles Addams territory.


Thank you for capturing part of why this just hit me SO HARD.

As soon as I saw that the wikipedia page had been updated, all I could think was, "really? who does that? who rushes to be the first person to update someone's wikipedia page when they DIED? why is this something you want to do?"

I loved that my baseball twitter was just as full of Alex as the music/writing one.


I think the scary part is getting old without them.


Alex did not need the money. I was terrified of playing alone.

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Having cameras and contacting the Pinellas County to take care of the crimes in St. Petersburg. We can get rid of the St. Petersburg Police.

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The resting in peace would seem to come with the being dead territory, for the vast majority of faiths/non-faiths. Scary but I agree.


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