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Yeeeeeeah, this is why websites like Threadless and other similar that basically ask to make money off your hard work in exchange for little more than internet props really rub me the wrong way. Thanks, but no thanks.

Natalie Sztern

I was once on an episode of a popular HGTV reality show BUY ME, who has aired that episode about 1000 times, had it nominated for a Canadian Genie award... I have been recognized a gazillion times from that one f'in episode and was too stupid to ask for royalties...they are still airing it...one learns the hard way...

mothers day flowers

It's better to think things over before handing out a labor of love to someone else specially when dealing with Intellectual Property. I guess the most simple thing to do for a mother on her special day is to treat her extra special. A nice bouquet of flowers and breakfast in bed would be nice.

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