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Rose's Lime

I'm sorry, but WHAT FUCKIN IDIOT PUTS 2 CANS OF TOMATOS IN A BOLOGNASE? It's from Bologna! Where they eat meat! You know meat, from a cow, or a pig or a veal, not a plant! You should lean over the pot very low and whisper "tomato" over it, or if you absolutely have to, take one or maybe -MAYBE two tomatoes, peeled by your scalded fucking hands after dunking them in boilng water (or canned if it's not, like, August, like it is now and people are literally giving tomatoes away even in Brooklyn or wherever the fuck you are) and seeded within an inch of their life. Dice them till they're practically liquid and throw them in with all the fucking meat. There. Was that so hard, Mister the San Marazano cans look so pretty all white and red?

(Oh, and I agree on the wine)


I agree with Rose's Lime.

You can make a tomato sauce with meat, but don't call it Bolognese.


This guy should write for The National Enquirer's DI/DO section. I used to order San Marzano tomatoes from Brooklyn until I found the same ones right down the road a piece. The guy taking my order once told me that the DOC award seal on the can was in fact true. The Vatican used to order them too. He then related that he tells his customers that his tomatoes are the ones that killed the Pope.

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