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I have to disagree with The Cod on the leafblower issue. We are surrounded by them. One on each side and several across the street. The chain saw comes in first, but it, at least, serves a useful purpose. The leafblower is without a doubt the noisiest internal combustion engine that serves no purpose. You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

The Gurgling Cod

I, too, am anti-leafblower. But I cannot see making banning leafblowers in my town the consuming passion of my life.


It's only a consuming passion when they are in the on position. Other than that they can stay where they stay forever in the off position. When we moved to quiet small town America Delmar, there was no such noise engine. People have to have that newest noise-generating device. All they have to do is put good fucking mufflers on the fucking twerpy things. The upside is that I get to turn up the volume on the audio without impunity.


I do agree with you about the coffee truck in the Mission though and other uniquely Cailifornian quibbles.


In case The Cod missed this:http://tiny.cc/z6f52

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