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I vote mixty glop with fewer and nicer ingredients:

1# extra-sharp orange cheddar, shredded;
1/2 cup mayo (I guess Duke's is mejore autentico),plus extra to fiddle with the consistency;
4oz. pimentos, drained;
black pepper, slightly less than you think there ought to be.

If I was going to get wide, I'd lose the mayo and pimientos in favor of aioli, roasted red pepper, and a bit of Crystal hot sauce.

Penguin needs to decide if the recipe is Kentucky beer cheese or pimiento cheese and stick with the choice.

Nicole Lang

I'm for the tarted up mixty glop, but I do like the addition of pepperjack from Penguin.

Mr. Sunshine

Someone once taught me to use cheddar, cream cheese, and Rick's Picks Peppy Pep Peps.

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