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I was gonna blame this on the publisher (some are setting prices for Kindle editions now, sometimes for more than Amazon charges for the hardcover) but Clarkson Potter doesn't seem to be one of them.

Penny Pascal

Three things:

1. While I agree that pretty cookbooks on Kindle are kinda lame (and pretty much all other books for that matter), having it on Kindle could come in handy if you're, say, attempting to cook something from it while you're in someone else's kitchen without having to lug the entire book with you. Slim chances of that, etc, but still it could come in handy (I resent that the context of this post makes that word all too appropriate). Would you be as mad at this if the book were available in full color/graphic glory on an iPad, out of curiosity?
2. Also, your analogy...gross.
3. Did you learn how to crop in photoshop?! So proud.


Kindles are ridiculous. Everything digital is ridiculous.

Wait, is this a blog?

Anyway, my entire Xmas shopping this year is being done on the "Store" link for Hyperbole and a Half. Place your order with me now. I mean it.



I use my Kindle in the kitchen and in the hottub. Ziplocs are a great way to protect it from random splashes...

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