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Jay Porter

Thank you for sharing that.
With all best wishes, joy and love from San Diego,


Thanks for this, Cod. It must have been very hard to write.
My mother died at 58 in 1974 at The Deaconess in Brookline of multiple myeloma, which at that time was not considered a form of cancer, at least not by the staff at the hospital. Her birthday was December 21. I wish that I could have cooked for her. I lost my father in 1979. The world's a lonelier place after you lose your mom and dad.


Well done, J.


I will never forget what it was like to have you arrive, after several days of trying to coax Holly to eat anything, and to see her perk up and start spooning down those poached eggs and intricately reduced sauces and savory soups. I love your mom, and I love you too. I miss her terribly.


Especially in my present place in life, with my mother having been coaxed out of a coma this spring (and still on ground that is shaky and not likely to become less so) this was a poignant and tear-evoking account. I appreciate you sharing it.


Very moving. Thank you.


Beautifully written.


Thanks to Gastropoda for posting a link to this beauty.

You are fortunate to have been raised by a woman who passed down her love of cooking, and equally blessed to have had a chance to care for her in her waning.

Thank you for this lovely, loving post.


Lovely writing from a loving child. Beautiful.

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