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The closest I've ever seen to a real examination of where this trope came from was in an epic MeFi 2008 ElectionFilter thread.

The meat (har) of the discussion about starts here:

But doesn't get picked up on by other posters until a bit further down:

(Basically, unless you want to read all 1600 comments, just crtl-f for 'chicken' and you'll get most of it.)

It was prompted by that fake food stamp mailer that some local Republican group sent out with an image of Obama surrounded by watermelon, ribs and a bucket of KFC.


It could be argued that chicken and waffles specifically is an indigenous Californian dish.


All I know about fried chicken is that the best dinners and most modestly priced ones always came from what my spouse-SO likes to refer to as "the church of the fried chicken", which church is in the only denomination that she would ever consider joining.

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