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I wish I'd registered for an immersion circulator. Of course, they didn't have them back in olden times when I got married. My advice? Skip the fancy china, you'll hardly ever use it. On the other hand, you can never have too many wineglasses or too much barware. Or too many serving utensils, in our house anyways.

Mr. Sunshine

Unless you already use them, skip the fancy single-use specialist tools/appliances and instead get high-end bakeware, cookware, cutlery, utensils, and serveware. It makes all the difference for cooking. You'll use the Emile Henry ceramic loaf pan and your Henckel's knives 100x more than the ice-cream maker attachment on the Kitchen Aid or the panini press.


Lascivious promiscuity


Can the blissfully unmarried weigh in? After first bowing to Marco's suggestion?

We've wrapped up so many things for couple friends and know relationships are temporary but these things are forever:

A Donvier ice cream maker, our go-to gift even for single friends. Better-than-Haagen-Dazs in less than half an hour, with no work, no electricity (beyond what the freezer uses

Serious copper, any heavy piece with good tin lining. Slant-sided saucepan is most useful.

KitchenAid immersion blender is life-changing, not least cuz you can store it in a drawer not a counter.

And I would say knives, knives & more knives, but it's bad luck to give sharp objects unless you take as little as a penny in return. The road to divorce court, in our experience, is paved with sharp blades. . .


I like to give knives with the thought that what might once bring them together might also appear on an episodes of COPS.


Mandolin, pasta pot, french press, Joyce Chen scissors, egg timer, silicone spatulas, tongs, T-fal pans, fine mesh strainer, Vita Prep.


Deep fryer. The type of thing you secretly want, cannot bring yourself to buy, but then are so, so happy when received as gift.

Microplane, good skillet, platters.


I'm going to go against the tide here and say that I LOVE the Limoges china and Irish crystal that we received as wedding gifts. Copper pots and kitchen stuff I like buying myself. Most people do. I would never buy myself china or crystal -- I'd always rationalize myself out of it. But we were given it and we do use it and I feel that it adds something extra-celebratory to certain dinners and occasions.
That said, kitchen stuff is good, too. And probably a more appropriate gift to expect from friends (as opposed to dear and ancient relatives).

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