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boiled peanuts are carolina caviar. Everything else is *wrong*!


Wheee! Cannot wait.


Carolina Caviar or Gurgling Cods? Which would you serve to your daughter? Actually I heard the sobriquet on my last swing through SC on a BBQ research mission (at least that's what I told the IRS it was). Don't know why such a clever pundit as the Cod doesn't get it. Both are hors dervish servished on crackers at fancified parties. But hey, PC is fun and the banter is all in fun, even if some fishy types get faux Huffy over my Post.

What concerns me most is, why didn't I know about PC month? Is this an official thing or something created by the Cod? Sign me up for anything to advance the cause (betcha my article helped). I'll be reading your blog. Folks looking for BBQ tips (and my take on PC a.k.a. CC) might chek out mine, http://amazingribs.com


I have heard black-eyed peas described as Texas caviar. Perhaps every Southern state wants to adopt them.

Pimento Cheese-a-holic

Every month is PCAM for me. I make a 2 lb. batch once or twice a month to share with friends and neighbors and give it as gifts for special occasions. PC rocks!

Air Jordan

Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. Do you agree?

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