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The subtler joke here is that - for all the focus on being an informed food consumer - the characters really don't know the practices of the farms they claim to care about, to the point where they have to visit them.

And it's true; it's hard to find a menu in Portland that doesn't include "Smith Valley beef" or "Jones Farm broccoli," but it's become more status symbol than real information. I'd wager you could make up a bunch of fake farm names and no one would blink an eye, because they'd be too embarrassed about showing their food ignorance just because they'd never heard of "Whispering Glade organic chicken."

Having lived there, I can tell you that after a certain point it just becomes like that sketch in Absolutely Fabulous where Jennifer Saunders wears the word LACROIX across her blouse just so people will see it and know it's a LaCroix. And none of it has anything to do with knowing how to cook or season that organic chicken ot that flat of muddy, just-picked beets once they make it to the kitchen.

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