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I see you just got the email blast from Crate a few minutes ago too.

If they bring back avocado, goldenrod must surely be close behind.

The Gurgling Cod

I did! C&B at least is not as bad as Williams-Sonoma, where if you ever look at anything, they keep emailing you about it, like you're a hot girl, and they're the kid you occasionally borrowed notes from freshman year.


I unsubscribed from W&S ages ago, but I can believe it.


Nice sneaks.

Sorbet Trio

So what is your insurgency pot of choice?


Cast iron you could probably smelt out in the jungle, cast in sand, and season with fat rendered from the corpses of your enemies. Less hardcore, and in the realm of enamel, the two Copco Danish enamel pieces I inherited from a landlady in 1994 have held up much better than Creuset, in spite of abuse, including, but not limited to being dropped out of a taxi after SB XXXVIII.


I prefer Revere pots for all of my insurgency needs, just for the historical accuracy.

(Also, copper bottoms.)

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