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the process of investigating the aforementioned tale of the tape between Mike Watt and Daniel Boulud, I clicked over to the website for Boulud's fancy sausage burger joint, DBGB, and literally could not believe my ears. I thought that I had a stray tab open, for I had no other explanation for why The Magnificent Seven was playing over my office computer speakers. But, no. Boulud has, in fact, taken that bete noire of restaurant websites, background music, and extended the whole pissing on the grave of punk rock brand by having the fucking Clash as his background music. For nineteen dollar hamburgers.

I am not an entertainment lawyer. (Don't need to swim to breathe, LOL!) But, my hunch is that you need to pay to use music someone else recorded for your commercial website.* At the very least, let's hope that Joe Strummer's kids get free nine dollar hotdogs when they are in town. 2945abc45 0421

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I still like it than mcdonalds.

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