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I <3 emil as well. Though I must say, referring to pork as "menschy" seems a little weird. Just say'n.

Libbie Summers

Please make sure to buy this "henchperson" of Paula Deen's new book. The Whole Hog Cookbook coming out September 13th. You'll find lots of recipes using Caw Caw Creek pork...and some fun photos from the farm! Me still love you long time. Libbie Summers

Weber Grill Recipes

Informative article. Thanks a lot for share.


And it's Dolphin free!

Russell  "Loveapig"  Singleton

menschy: having integrity and responsibility.
I'll gladly take that.


WE DOWN WITH THE DEEN. Welcome to the mayo frontier, dear brother.

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Que, si a nosotros mirar esta pregunta de otro punto de vista?

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