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Mr. Sunshine

Amish Ramen is perhaps the only corner of fusion that has been left unexplored.


It is not a bad idea. A few slices of Lebanon bologna floating on top.

Rachel Finn

Well except that's not racism at all, right? It's some sort of -ism but not that one. I'm picky about my -isms

But I don't know maybe these days such a ban is warranted. There is a wonderful bakery in Chicago where "yummy mummy" types take their kids. The bakery is fab but it's horrifying to walk in there with ill-raised children climbing the walls and wiping cupcake frosting everywhere while the yummy mummies ignore it or beg young Tyler to stop or risk a time out.

I dream of such a ban when I go into pick up baked goods. I'd probably go more frequently if there was one.


"arguing that banning kids is a form of racism is, itself, kind of racist"

I think this is true--and I'm picky about my isms also. The actual Crime Of Theory being committed by YummyMummy here is generally referred to as "collapsing differences." Rhetorically, it is a fallacy known colloquially as "faulty analogy." Essentially, it's the erroneous assertion that "x" act is just like "y" act despite fundamental differences of kind.

A more glaring example: "I get discriminated against for being a woman, so I really get what it feels like to be black."

As GC points out, YummyMummy's faulty analogy is even more glaring, since she appears to be comparing a transient condition to a non-transient one.

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