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Gary Allen

It is often said that Americans don't care about history.

That's not quite true: American BUSINESS doesn't care about history. Given the choice between preserving (or even ignoring) a 300-year old historical icon, and cashing in on a fad that will probably be over in 3 years, it will always choose the latter.

They would probably like to get their paws on the graveyard across the street...


First, that image is priceless. Kudos to you.

Second, it's an empty storefront. Who cares what goes into it? History is always moving. Why isn't Chipotle just another one of the "varied uses [that] offer a unique window on the history of Boston’s commerce and culture"?

Boston cares far, far more about its past than most places. Indeed, historic architecture is perhaps its greatest economic asset. Be grateful for it—my home town in California tears down just about every building over 30 years old.

Mr. Sidetable

Not to get all persnickety with the Globe or anything, but how could a building built in 1718 have "once [been] the home of Puritan dissident Anne Hutchinson, who was expelled ... in 1638"? Neat trick.

And if what has happened to Ms. Hutchinson's parkway is any indicator, this was inevitable.

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