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1) My godchild took advantage of a moment's inattentiveness, and switched from NESN (aka Chowderhead Jazeera), and put on a cartoon, during which was an advertisement for a product called, "The Original Baby Bullet." "The Original Baby Bullet" would be a good name for some products. Special non-toxic bullets for shooting at babies, perhaps; alternatively, a good name for a disappointing vibrator that runs on AA batteries. (See non-Etsy related ads in Bust for examples.) However, if you were not interested in shooting at babies, or masturbating, but were instead interested in making nutritous food for your infant at home for just pennies, "Baby Bullet" is not a phrase that comes to mind.

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Sex toys can only be a good thing for a relationship. I tell you this from experience. Sexy costumes as well, but definitely not vibrators.

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Great post title. It definitely pulled me in. lol :)

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