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Mr. Sidetable

The Big Pony!

Does Dickerson sing on any of the tracks?

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I agree, that Kingsley Amis vs Yelp is not a fair fight, prosewise, but who the hell looks at Yelp for the writing? Yelp is on the Internet, but it is not a food blog, so maybe Harrow's beef is that people use the Internet to communicate about food, rather than wait for Kingsley Amis to tell you the deal. As far as actual blogs go


Kingsley Amis is partnering with Louis Vuitton discount honey to make a potent honey-mead brew that doubles as a hand bag/ flask.

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I heard that CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS AT SMU when he matriculated there. Or while micturating there. one of the two for sure.

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