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Oh hey that's another great way to save money at your wedding--have your Mom make grilled cheese for all the guests.


Nice one, Addison.

La Depressionada

Once upon a time, there was this FANTASTIC jingle on the internets. It was called "Mr. Cutlets" and apparently it was about a man who loved meat. What could be nobler? I posted it on my now torpid blog.

Who knew that this jingle which one day abruptly disappeared, belonged to a fat, stupid, avaricious, social climber who eats alot. ALOT. and for free apparently? Not I.

There's a broken heart for every pixel on the information superhighway. *sigh*
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Thanks to the popularity of Campanile's decade long grilled cheese night, nearly every bistro in LA worth its manchego has their own variation of a special cheese-and-bread day. And sometimes I think to myself, "I cannot possibly try another grilled cheese that will top the last one." Yet I am continually surprised by how delightful the next variation of cheese-and-bread is compared to the last one.

(My own mother only made a serviceable grilled cheese. However, my ex-boyfriend who had to work in his family's Greek diner in school taught me everything I ever needed to know about proper grilled cheese techniques.)

La Depressionada

Well - give it up. What are the techniques?

Even Stevens

I feel like it's an appropriate time to bring back this Eater gem from last summer, "Mama Said Knock You Gout", a tribute to the man, the myth, the blowhard: http://ny.eater.com/archives/2010/08/mama_said_knock_you_gout_cutty_remixed.php

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