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Ladies only eat macarons, duh.

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3) And speaking of guy friendly, I suggested in a previous post that Ruth's Chris might be the kind of place that would not mind so much if you grabbed their waitresses' asses -- the misdeed that Richman was charged with by M. Wells management. I hope neither is true, but it did remind me that Richman and Ruth's Chris both went out of their way to throw a half-drowned city under a bus.

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A year ago, Detroit coach Jim Schwartz would show up for his Monday news conferences, and more often than not, he'd face questions about the previous day's defeat.Now, Schwartz is being asked for his philosophy on end zone celebrations and defending himself against the idea that his Lions -- for so long an NFL laughingstock -- tried to run up the score.

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Bill fans should especially cherish every game the team victory. The team's most famous players when the number of Simpson, he is scoring the AFC in 1975 and 1973 the annual MVP, while the other players that Thurman - Thomas, in 1991, the year he was MVP and best offensive player. Although Bill's defense rotten miserable, but the team of Bruce - Smith and bais - Bob was the best defensive player three times the annual election, in which Bruce - Smith in 1990 and was elected twice in 1996.

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