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Fuck Vlasic! I am your brother's consumer.


Excuse the incoherent comment. Allergy-sinus tsuris. What I meant to type is that I am dedicated Ricks Picks fan and Vlasic can't come close those Hotties.

Matt S.

Almost as good as Tostitos® Artisan® Recipes:

Natalie Luffer Sztern

Probably just as many years ago Montreal had its own homegrown pickle maker that alongside our bagels was famed. Mrs. Whyte's pickles was started oh so many years ago by Great Grandpa Whitenof and then continued into the generation I am of. Unfortunately the food scene changed and Mrs. Whyte's was bought out by 'not-so-jewish-ish' pickle and sour-kraut makers and well the rest is history. However, what also stood out in infamy was that every Halloween, the whole Jewish community knew that Simon (Whitenof/Mrs. Whyte's) would give out one pickle hygenically wrapped to every kid who rang his doorbell...his claim to fame still exists in the memories of some of our tortured kids...LOL

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